Meeting with Science and Technology

The science that creates the future and transforms the economy

Guest country: France 


Ciência 2021, the annual meeting of science, technology and innovation in Portugal, takes place from 28 to 30 June 2021, with the theme “The Science that creates the Future and transforms the Economy”.

The event is promoted by the Foundation for Science and Technology in collaboration with Ciência Viva and the Parliamentary Committee for Education, Science, Youth and Sports, and also has the institutional support of the Portuguese Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education.

Like its previous editions, Ciência 2021 will address the main issues and challenges of the science being made in Portugal, setting the tone for interaction and dialogue between researchers, business and industry, and the public.

The participation of Portuguese R&D institutions will be particularly active online through communications and demonstrations of R&D activities and posters of PhD students with scholarships funded by the Foundation for Science and Technology.

This year’s guest country is France, which will actively participate in the agenda of the event.



David Braga Malta

Founder of LiMM, Cell2B and BoostPharma

Marta Oliveira

Expert in launcher safety at at the European Spaceport 

with Vitrociset

Paula M. Alves

CEO of iBET and professor at NOVA University



Day 1: Monday , 28 June

9am-11am: Plenary session 1 - Opening: Science and innovation - an articulated continuum 


  • Paula Alves , IBET
  • David Braga Malta , P-Bio
  • Marta Oliveira , ESQS, FR

Opening speech

  • Manuel Heitor , Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education, Portugal
  • Frédérique Vidal  (remote), Minister of Science and Higher Education, France 

Guest speakers:

  • Sangeeta Bhatia  (remote), MIT
  • Véronique Perdereau  (remote), Faculty Science & Engineering of Sorbonne University
  • John Gordon  (remote) Senior Director, Innovation Lab Lead, IDM Pfizer
  • Henrique Veiga-Fernandes , Champalimaud Foundation

Moderator: David Braga Malta, P-BIO


  • António Costa (video) , Prime Minister
  • Awarding of scientific merit medals
  • Mariana Vieira da Silva , Minister State for the Presidency


5.30pm-7pm: Plenary session 2 - Science, the future of employment and territorial cohesion

Guest speakers:

  • Paulo Marques , Chief Technology Officer of Feedzai 
  • Manuel Carvalho da Silva , Coordinator of CoLABOR
  • Olivier Crouzet,  Head of Pedagogy, 42 Born to code (Escola42)
  • Pierre Dubuc , CEO & Alexis Boudard , Directeur Programmes régionaux vers l'emploi, OpenClassrooms (video)

    Moderator:   Helena Pereira, President of FCT


  • Ana Abrunhosa, Minister of Territorial Cohesion
  • Ana Mendes Godinho , Minister for Labour, Social Security and Solidarity


Day 2: Tuesday, 29 June

9am-11am: Plenary session 3 - Science and the economy: recovery and resilience 2021-2027


  • Elvira Fortunato , I3N, NOVA University

Guest speakers:

  • Lars Montelius  (remote) , director of the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory 
  • Guy Villax , President of Hovione; President off the advisory board of ANI
  • Maria Mota , Director of IMM
  • Isabel Furtado , CEO of TMG; President of Board of CEIIA; President of COTEC

Moderator: Joana Mendonça, President of ANI


  • Pedro Siza Vieira , Minister of State, Economy and Digital Transition

5.30pm-19pm: Plenary session 4 - Science and the new challenges of space-climate interaction: from Earth observation to space weather


  • Marta Oliveira , ESQS, FR
  • Rodrigo da Costa  (remote), Executive Director of EUSPA 

Guest speakers:

  • Jean-Jacques Favier, astronaut
  • Zita Martins, Instituto Superior Técnico
  • João Pinelo e Pedro Silva , AIR Centre
  • Tiago Oliveira , President of AGIF

Moderator: Ricardo Conde, President of the Portuguese Space Agency, PT Space


  • Signature of agreement between Fundo Ambiental, Minho Advanced Computing Center - MACC da FCT
  • Rui Oliveira, scientific director of MACC (INESC TEC)
  • João Matos Fernandes , Minister of Environment and Climate Action

Day 3: Wednesday, 30 June

9am-11am: Plenary session 5   - Science, agriculture and food: challenges for ecological transition 

  • Isabel Ferreira , Secretary of State for the Development of Inland Regions

Guest speakers:

  • Vitor Espírito Santo , Eat Just, San Francisco
  • James Taylor  , INRAE Montpelier
  • Teresa Pinto Correia , CHANGE, University of Évora;
  • Gabriel Marais , BIOPOLIS
  • Carlos Faro , BIOCANT

Moderator: Rosalia Vargas, President of Ciência Viva 


  • Maria do Céu Antunes, Minister of Agriculture

5.30pm-19pm: Plenary 6 - Science heals: challenges and opportunities of science-health interaction      


  • Paula Alves , IBET
  • Marta Temido , Minister of Health

Guest speakers:

  • Kathrin Jansen  (remote) Senior Vice-President, Pfizer
  • Christophe Gregoire , Global Medical Expert, Sanofi-Pasteur
  • José Otero, CSO, TurnStone
  • Rui Henrique , Director, IPO Porto, Porto Comprehensive Cancer Center
  • Miguel Garcia , CEO, Technophage

Moderators: Catarina Resende Oliveira and Patrícia Calado, AICIB 2021 FCT Awards


  • Firmino Marques,   President of the Comission for Education, Science, Youth and Sports of the Portuguese Parliament 
  • Florence Mangin , ambassador of France
  • Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa , President of the Portuguese Republic




Centro de Congressos de Lisboa, Junqueira


Praça das Indústrias, nº1 | 1300-307Lisboa - Portugal

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