Welcome to Ciência 2023

This year, the main science event in Portugal represents two major relevant changes. It will be, for the first time ever, away from the main capital. The selected city was Aveiro, surrounded by amazing natural beauty and multiple water fronts and where science is a key pilar of its development. Also, for the first time, this will be a thematic event, with a focus on ocean and waters and all their intrinsic connections, and the role science and technology must continue learning, discovering, exploring, and sustainably exploiting the unknown while protecting and restoring the real lungs of this so-called blue planet! After the pandemic years, this year’s Science 2023 event marks a much-desired return to normal, with a full physical event with new dynamics, aiming at those face-to-face meetings, sharing conversations and exchanging ideas amongst all of us in Portugal that live from and for science. Mostly, we desire this to be an event full of reencounters, smiles and hands shaking, shared coffees and snacks, formal and informal networking and that human eye to eye contact we all miss too much!   ...

Greetings in blue! 

Helena Vieira        

Science 2023 Commissioner  



Campus Universitário de Santiago


Universidade de Aveiro

Campus Universitário de Santiago

3810-193 Aveiro

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