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Cookie Policy

FCT, with registered office at Av. D. Carlos I, 126, 1249-074 Lisboa, NIPC 503904040 and telephone: +351 21 3924300 assumes the role of data controller.

This Cookies Policy informs users about the use of cookies on the website accessible at

This Cookie Policy should be considered in addition to and in conjunction with our Privacy Policy.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small information files that are placed on your electronic device and can take on various functions, such as storing user preferences for certain types of information or storing information relating to your visit to each site, with the main purpose of detecting the user during their visits to the site and its configuration parameters.

The use of cookies on the internet is commonplace and in no way harms users' computers and other electronic web access equipment.

What are the functions of cookies?

Cookies perform a number of functions, including helping the website content management and updating department to gain a deeper understanding of how the website is used, facilitating browsing, storing your preferences and generally improving your user experience, as well as ensuring that the websites present relevant content to each user. They are therefore instruments for the continuous improvement of the user experience.

What kind of cookies do we use?

There are different types of cookies with different forms of action and purposes in your internet browsing. Here are the existing categories we use:

  • Strictly necessary cookies: these are essential cookies because they guarantee navigation on the website and the use of its functionalities, including recording whether or not the user has authorized the use of cookies by the website. These cookies cannot be rejected when using a website. Retention period for data collected in this context: one year after collection.
  • Functional cookies: these are cookies that allow websites to remember information about the choices made by the user, such as username, language, the region from which the user accesses the website, and to personalize the user's browsing experience. These cookies expire at the end of the user's session (for example, when the user closes the browser window) or may remain for longer to remember the user's preferences and choices on the site. Retention period for data collected in this context: one year after collection.
  • Advertising cookies: collect information on the user's browser usage habits, recording website usage. They are used to support more targeted marketing and communication actions.
    Retention period for data collected in this context: one year after collection.
  • Analytical cookies: these cookies are used to analyze how users use the site and to monitor its performance, for example, which pages have the highest volume of visits or whether any error messages are returned to the user. This allows us to provide a high quality experience by personalizing the offer and quickly identifying and correcting any problems that arise. These cookies are used for continuous improvement and statistical analysis. To this end, we use the Google Analytics analysis tool and its cookies. Click here to consult the Google Analytics Privacy Policy. Retention period for data collected in this context: two years after collection.

How can you manage your cookies?

There is no standard way to remove or block cookies. However, all browsers allow a general removal of cookies from the user's computer. However, disabling cookies means that all or some of the available features may be inhibited, penalizing the browsing experience.

You can edit your preference regarding the use of cookies on the website by accessing the "cookie settings" menu, and you should save your selection for this purpose.

To manage the use of cookies in your browser, follow these steps:

Google Chrome

  • Select the "Settings" menu;
  • Select the "Show advanced settings" option;
  • Under "Privacy", select "Content Settings".

More information here.

Mozilla Firefox

  • Select the "Tools" menu;
  • Select the "Preferences" option;
  • At the top, select the "Privacy" icon.

More information here.


  • Select the "Edit" menu;
  • Select the "Preferences" option;
  • At the top, select the "Privacy" icon.

More information here.

If you use more than one browser, you must manage cookies autonomously for each one.

More information about Cookies at:

Cookies Policy Update

FCT reserves the right to make changes to this Cookie Policy at any time, which will be duly publicized.

We recommend that users of our website review our cookie policy periodically in order to be informed about our management of the cookies that FCT carries out.