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Message from Ana Paiva, Secretary of State for Science

Welcome to the Portuguese Science Summit 2024, the biggest annual science and innovation event in Portugal!

This year, the meeting will once again be held outside the capital, bringing together leading scientists, professors and doctors in national and international science at the Alfândega do Porto Congress Centre to debate the theme +Science for Health and global well-being. Having overcome a global pandemic, science is undoubtedly a catalyst for a healthier, more humane society with a better quality of life.

This year is particularly special for Portugal. The 50 years of our democracy have allowed science to grow in various areas of society and contribute to the country's remarkable development.

We are extremely proud of all the advances in science that we have seen in Portugal. Today, we are a country with an enviable rate of PhDs, with mature research institutions and researchers with a worldwide reputation, with companies created in a scientific context that are globally recognized, and with increasing European funding.

At Portuguese Science Summit 2024, topics that are essential for our society, for the well-being of people, animals and the environment, and thus essential for Global and Planetary Health, will be discussed in an integrated and multidisciplinary way. Topics such as Research Careers, Artificial Intelligence in Health, and the Impact of Science and Health on Global Wellbeing will be highlighted.

Portuguese Science Summit is undoubtedly an excellent opportunity to continue thinking and living science, inspiring young people, seeking cooperation and creating partnerships, in order to enhance our national scientific, technological and innovation community for a future with more and better science.

Ana Paiva, Secretary of State for Science